Photo 0333: Another tattoo with a design in negative space.

Photo 0334: I can't remember her name, but she was very nice. She was from Dallas, and her daughter was a tattoo artist here in Los Angeles.

Photo 0335: Back view of the woman from Dallas

Photo 0336: Yes, that was just done with a marker...

Photo 0337: Roquel (I think that's how she spelled it...)

Photo 0338: Tattoos by Dave Zero

Photo 0339: Tattoos by Dave Zero

Photo 0340: Stretched earlobes were starting to become more popular in 1997

Photo 0341: Some tongue piercings

Photo 0342: Debra. She smiles a lot more now that she lives in Hawaii and not in Los Angeles.

Photo 0343: Hurley

Photo 0344: Some henna tattooing

Photo 0345: My friend from Austin with the T-shirt booth. Her sleeve has a girl kneeling by her dead dog, while the dog's spirit ascends to Heaven.

Photo 0346: My friend from Austin with the T-shirt booth. Note the dog's spirit above his body.

Photo 0347: Steve Haworth

Photo 0348: A Betty Page-ish sort of pinup devil girl