Photo 0248: Debra. Since we last saw her at the Tattoo Tour San Diego, she moved to Hawaii and was working as a piercer there.

Photo 0249: I can't remember her name. I think her tattoo was from Huntington Tattoo in Huntington Beach.

Photo 0250: Front door of the Palladium

Photo 0251: The main hall, seen from the balcony

Photo 0252: This is Renee, who was Randy Adams' girlfriend. The ring in her tongue slurred her speech considerably.

Photo 0253: The design on her forehead was done with makeup, and not tattooed.

Photo 0254: Michelle from the 1993 Tattoo Tour. She is showing off her new leg band of carousel animals.

Photo 0255: More of Michelle's carousel animals.

Photo 0256: Robert, Sky, Rachel, and I can't remember the fourth guy's name. We all met up at Fabiolous Cafe across the street for dinner.

Photo 0257: Those are some serious large-gauge nipple rings.

Photo 0258: I can't remember her name, but we chatted for a while.

Photo 0259: Roberta, Cathy, and Hurley

Photo 0260: A detailed armband.

Photo 0261: These are some unusually-placed foot tattoos.

Photo 0262: One of the tattoo contests.

Photo 0263: Not a tattoo, but I thought it was a creative way to decorate a cast.