Photo 0664:

Photo 0665:

Photo 0666: Coverup in progress

Photo 0667: David was there with his religious-themed bodysuit

Photo 0668: David and someone whose name I can't remember

Photo 0669: I don't recall their names

Photo 0670:

Photo 0671:

Photo 0672: "I Bite"

Photo 0673:

Photo 0674: She was cute with her tattoos and corset

Photo 0675: A nice chest piece

Photo 0676: We saw this piece started at Inkslinger's last fall

Photo 0677: An M.C. Escher-inspired piece

Photo 0678: Another heavy-gauge navel piercing

Photo 0679: Cathy with her friend from high school. She was the manager of food services at the Convention Center. She gave me a stack of tickets good for free bar service. You can make a lot of friends at a tattoo convention if you have access to free bar service.