Photo 0574: Barbara was there with another friend

Photo 0575: Steve Haworth and his girlfriend

Photo 0576: I don't remember the story of this tattoo, but I liked it

Photo 0577: Can't remember her name

Photo 0578:

Photo 0579:

Photo 0580:

Photo 0581: Our police officer friend got some more color on his leg

Photo 0582: Barbara with me

Photo 0583: The forehead surface piercing was unique

Photo 0584: Barbara with me

Photo 0585: I can't remember her name, but she has has small roles in a few movies

Photo 0586: A nice backpiece we've seen before

Photo 0587: Josh Burdette from rec.arts.bodyart. His username from college days was 'obmf', and I think you can guess what that stands for.

Photo 0588: Josh Burdette from rec.arts.bodyart.

Photo 0589: