Photo 0487: This is M, who owns a tattoo shop on Sunset Blvd

Photo 0488: Here's our friend from the NTA smoking patio again

Photo 0489: Another view of M

Photo 0490: A nice Betty Page-ish pinup

Photo 0491:

Photo 0492:

Photo 0493:

Photo 0494:

Photo 0495:

Photo 0496: I can't remember his name, but look at the chains. He did temporary piercings as a form of performance art.

Photo 0497: Me, having dinner across the street at Fabioulus Cafe

Photo 0498:

Photo 0499: Steve Haworth and his girlfriend. He'd told me, "you'll fall over dead when you see her"

Photo 0500: Steve Haworth's girlfriend's back

Photo 0501: A view from the balcony

Photo 0502: Outside the front door