Photo 0443: Lots going on at the Fairplex...

Photo 0444: This is Barbara's friend, whose name I can't recall

Photo 0445: Barbara's friend

Photo 0446: This is Barbara. This was the first time I met her, but she will become a dear friend

Photo 0447: The entrance to the main building

Photo 0448: These guys were a cute couple, and their baby had little tiny Doc Martens on

Photo 0449: Lisa's dinosaur

Photo 0450: Lisa's back

Photo 0451: Lisa's arm

Photo 0452: Little baby Doc Martens

Photo 0453: I can't remember her name, but she was very nice

Photo 0454: Heavens, no! Hell, yes!

Photo 0455: Just one little tattoo

Photo 0456: I can't remember her name, but we saw her on the smoking patio at the NTA convention back in March

Photo 0457:

Photo 0458: One of the booths. But this time, I was getting to know some of the people at each company that had booths at all the tattoo shows