Photo 0399: This is the girl with the fine-line cat tattoo that we met at the 1991 NTA Convention.

Photo 0400: Here's the cat, with some more material added over the last seven years

Photo 0401: I can't remember whose arms these are

Photo 0402: I can't remember their names, but I think they were the first people to tell me that Gauntlet was in bankruptcy

Photo 0403: Here they are again, being photobombed

Photo 0404: A very intricate celtic-style piece

Photo 0405: Her other arm

Photo 0406: Steve Haworth and his friend Kim

Photo 0407: Samurai

Photo 0408: The Birth of Venus

Photo 0409: Here's the guy with the Vitruvian Man tattoo again

Photo 0410:

Photo 0411:

Photo 0412:

Photo 0413: A friend whose name I can't recall, and her "Nightmare Before Christmas"-themed sleeve

Photo 0414: Susan. A friend from Usenet and rec.arts.bodyart